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About Me



I grew up in southern New Jersey with an older brother and my parents in a really cool house that had balconies, floor to ceiling windows and a giant copper fire place. Not the typical kind of house for a minister and his family! But it was also rather drafty and cold and up on a hill far from any other kids.  Immediately to our left was the oldest house in town (built in 1861) and known to be haunted…but that’s another story.  


A huge part of my growing up was spending time working on a guest ranch in Wyoming. I wrangled horses, cleaned cabins, made cookies and met a melting pot of interesting people. This has a big influence on my writing too (as you see, two of my stories here involve horses!) I clearly remember raising my hand in my sixth grade language arts class and telling my teacher I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. At that point, I wasn’t really sure what kind of writer. I continued to write short stories here and there and did well with writing in high school.


I then earned a degree in English in college. Some of my most favorite books I remember reading were ones I had read as a child so I started writing for children. After college I went to graduate school and got a degree in education so I could also work with kids.  I didn’t really start publishing stories until after I had my own children. I have two, a girl and a boy. They are great first readers and also help me with story ideas!


Over the years I have worked with many families who have young children with special needs and this is work that I still do. In my spare time, I love being with my family and doing almost anything outside and in the mountains like hiking, snow shoeing, skiing or just daydreaming. Like most writers, I also love to read and always have a pile of books from the library next to my bed. A pile that is usually too tall for me to get through in the three weeks of library time I get to read them! I write in an office in my house and have giant pieces of paper tacked to the walls with ideas and story outlines.


Thanks for stopping by and check back soon to find new books and stories!

My Hobbies





Riding Horses

Books I loved as a kid!!

Everything by Judy Blume

Harriet the Spy

Nancy Drew Mysteries 

The Chronicals of Narnia series especially The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Some of My  Fave's

Reading, reading and more reading…I love mysteries!


  • Latte’s


  • Hiking


  • Riding horses


  • I love to dance


  • Hot tea and scones


  • To travel and experience new places


  • I love to exercise… yoga or kickboxing


  • Rainy and/or snowy days by the fire (with a book)


  • Playing football in the park with my kids and husband


  • Snowshoeing or cross country skiing in the quiet woods


  • My frother that makes frothy milk that I put in my coffee


  • Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Princess Bride are two of my favorite movies



Boston University - BA in English
University of Denver

MA Education.




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