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Chapter Book
The Backyard Players Present: Abracadabra!

In your hands is a magic wand. You have five chances to use it. After its final use, it will burn up and be lost forever. Choose wisely.



Mozart, PJ, Lucy and Esteban are The Backyard Players--a group of friends who put on plays in Mozart’s backyard. When they find the wand and a note in Mozart’s attic as a play prop, they are sure the note can’t be real. But then Esteban aims the wand at PJ and says Abracadabra as a joke. The friends are shocked as blue light shoots out the end of the wand, smoke fills the room and the adventure is on!



The wand really IS magic and it has turned poor PJ into a pig. With only hours to go before the backyard is full of an audience to see their play, the friends encounter mishap after magic mishap. Which magic word is the right one to turn PJ back into a boy? The action gets zanier as they try different magic words that just add things on to PJ. Soon, he has wings, a mouse tail and a lightning bolt tattoo. The Backyard Players really have to put their heads together to figure out the riddle of the wand and reverse the magic, just in the nick of time.

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Short Story
Summer Shorts: All the King's Horses

A family vacation to Wyoming brings Jo to Hawk Rider Ranch. The scenery is nice but Jo isn’t really interested in fishing and she’s a little bit afraid to ride horses. Bored and a bit lonely, Jo finds a friend in Emily who isn’t all that into the ranch activities either. Together they decide to explore around the ranch and hope to find a secret cave or ancient tee pee rings. Instead, they stumble upon a hidden meadow populated with horses. Who are these horses and how did they get there? Jo and Emily imagine they are the keepers of the secret meadow. They return day after day, naming the horses and getting to know them. The make a pact to tell no one about their magical place. Until one of their special horses, Pegasus, comes up lame. Knowing they are the only ones who can help her, Emily and Jo must tell their secret and end up in the horse wrangle of their lives!

Short Story
Herman's Horrible Day: Galloping Galoshes Grandma! 

One day, Grandma decides she needs some galoshes. And her horse Buttermilk needs exercise. Granddaughter Gracie is shocked when Grandma decides to not only ride Buttermilk to the local Cool-Mart store to buy the rubber shoe covers, but into it! With Gracie hanging on by a purse strap behind her, the trio slips and slides their way through the store. But will Grandma even find what she’s looking for?

Children's Magazine Stories

NONFICTION: Wee Ones-Lightning Language, Fiddlers on the Marsh  2003, 2004;


FICTION: On the Line Magazine-Cooking By Heart 2004;  Pockets Magazine-Down the Rabbit Hole, 2005, Until Tomorrow 2007, The Blue Moon Ball 2008, Try and Tri Again 2012; Reprints of Down the Rabbit Hole and Until Tomorrow, 2013 Highlights High Five-A Horse in Room 2, 2009;

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